June 5, 2007

According to this article, from Karen Barrow at Science Daily, some correlation has been found to exist between children with certain behavior problems, and sleep-related breathing disorders, such as can be fixed by removal of tonsils and adenoids (some meaning a ‘substantial minority‘ of children no longer met criteria for diagnosis of behavior problems after having sleep-related breathing disorders treated). Although the article doesn’t mention bipolar disorder, it does mention ADHD; which gets confused with BD at times. Considering that sleep disruption is a feature common to bipolar disorder, I find myself interested.

Like millions of Americans, I’m running around without tonsils and adenoids. I had them removed when I was a kid, at the age of five – one or two years after having ear tubes put in because of constant ear infections. My grandparents thought I wouldn’t live to see six, because I was sick so often. After the surgery, I seem to have perked up, health-wise, until moving to more humid climes, where it was discovered that I had allergy-induced asthma. So I would say sleep-related breathing issues have been a part of my life for a long while. Considering the success reported by other bipolar people, who use regulated sleep as part of their management strategy, I wonder if sleeping pills might some day be as important to us as lithium?


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