June 6, 2007

It’s now after 23:38. For those who have been reading along this past week, you’ll know that this means it’s already an hour after my new ‘bedtime’. Today’s been a pretty tough one for me. It started out well enough – I’d overslept again, but once I got up I was feeling light-hearted and at times, outright festive. As the day progressed, I started having periods where dark thoughts would creep into my mind, and also had bouts where I felt combative toward people around me, inanimate objects that just wouldn’t bow to my will, and just about everything else there for a while. Basically, my mind kept bouncing from a dark well of despair, to a roaring surge of rage, with occasional overlap – I’m not going to call it ‘bad’ since I was able to keep myself <mostly> in check – but I have noticed that this is getting worse for me, harder for me to keep in check, and it’s costing me a lot more to keep the genie in the bottle. I’m supposed to see my psychiatrist in a week, and I’m actually hoping he’ll up my dosage.

For right now, I may suspend my bedtime routine – talk it over with my doctor, although I can’t fathom why a set bedtime would affect my moods in a bad way – at the very least, since it’s already late, I’m going to play hooky tonight :-)



  1. “…and it’s costing me a lot more to keep the genie in the bottle.”

    Good line and imagery.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

    Congrats on the Weird Cake BOTW!

  2. Thank you for reading, and for your compliments :-)

    After having a look at your blog, I was impressed with some of the imagery you’re using, too!

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