Elemental Explanation

June 6, 2007

In the comments section to my post about the list of Do’s and Don’ts, I mentioned that I think a blogger’s link list is a way to get to know the blogger. At the very least, it should let someone know where the blogger’s perspectives are – in part – coming from. I think other elements of blogs exist for similar purposes, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to explain some of the elements in this blog :-)

First, the URL for this blog, which includes the word cerebral discordia. As far as I know, this is a phrase I coined to describe bipolar disorder … when I looked elsewhere online, to see if the phrase was already being used, I was shocked that I couldn’t find it anywhere. I like it because it can have different meanings. The whole thing can be a noun within itself, representing a lack of agreement or harmony in the mind or brain; or cerebral could be an adjective describing discordia … a sort of intelligent discord. That discord stems from the name of the Roman goddess, Discordia, is a bonus :-) When I went to offer my first choice for URL’s for this blog, maelstrom was already taken – cerebral discordia, then, is the result of feeling motivated to come up with something unique (or in this case, simply not taken) to describe bipolar disorder.

My chosen name, Paradox, comes from another fascination of mine – you guessed it – paradoxes :-) Obviously, it’s not my real name – but it does describe how I look at life most often, and I think it’s particularly fitting now that I’ve been diagnosed with a disorder that creates its own sets of paradoxes (what I consider mixed states to be). I’d toyed with the idea of signing comments and such as DoxDox; but deducing a pair-a-dox from DoxDox, though not impossible, would be unfair to ask non-native speakers of English to do. Since I live in a place where English is not the dominant language, I’m a bit more sensitive to such things than I would have been several years ago.

My blog banner’s title is in reverse order. The actual title is Life with Bipolar Disorder: paradoxical rants and musings. I put it in reverse order on my blog banner because I was feeling flippant at the moment. Life with Bipolar Disorder is another of those things that can have more than one meaning – living with something, or being handed a life sentence were the two possible meanings I had in mind with the title. The blue and orange swirl is not a yin-yang (or taijitu) – it’s missing the little circles and is the wrong color. I had the problem that I liked the idea of two opposites swirling into each other, but didn’t want to use a religious symbol (or misuse) if I could help it. So I created instead the symbol in my blog banner, which is supposed to be more like two swirling, rings, tightly interlocked to create a sphere. I know it still looks like a taijitu, but that’s not what it’s meant to be; and followers / seekers of the Dao can feel at ease with the knowledge that someone else has independently sought a symbol to describe a relationship between seeming opposites and has arrived at similar conclusions. I know confidence can be a problem when following a religion that’s been in development since Chinese prehistory – so don’t worry, I’ve verified that the symbol is appropriate. Christians, your confidence will soon soar, as I’m happy to announce that I’m developing a symbol that describes a four-way relationship of diametric opposites :-)

The link list – or simply, my sidebar – as hinted at above, also reflects a bit of my perspectives. The bulk of my blog navigation links are toward the bottom of my sidebar, while my links to articles, other bipolar bloggers and other resources are concentrated toward the top of my sidebar. I’m not an expert on bipolar disorder, and I’m not trying to sell anything here; therefore, I think linking to perspectives other than mine is important if I want to serve this blog’s purpose in exploring available information. I think these links are more important for the casual surfer (or someone trying to track down information in a hurry) than my categories list, or the badge showing that my blog code is clean and error-free. The links to personal information are at the very top simply because I think I should be up-front about what this blog (and blogger) is about, and where I’m coming from. I go through my links pretty regularly, and link lists tend to be pretty fluid things for me – this is a habit I’ve developed over time with blogging (this isn’t my first blog), and I’ve found that it works pretty well.

It’s now 01:30, I’m three hours past my bedtime and, although I’m not really feeling tired at the moment, I’m pretty sure I need to think about getting some sleep.



  1. I have made this blog my Weird Cake Blog of the Week. I hope that you get more people hopping over to check you out!!! You really do have an excellent blog here. :-)

  2. Thank you :-)

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