Aftermath, p. 2

June 7, 2007

Wow … I think I actually had a good day. I didn’t do much of anything – stayed locked down indoors due to the outrageous pollen fog outside, and kept the blinds drawn all day to try to keep the temperature cool (we don’t have a lot of a/c units up here). No rage surges, no deep wells of depression – got good news from a few different directions. There were a few points in the day where I might have felt a little guilty about how well my day was going … but the guilt actually passed. I’m not really sure I know what to say, especially coming off a day like yesterday, except, wow.

The best way to describe it would be thusly …

My brain yesterday:
Titanic Inevitability

My brain today:
Fuzzy Mirth



  1. That cat looks pretty content. I hope you’re still feeling good.

    Came to your blog via Ari K. I’m unipolar (depression) but still try to “hang out”, connect with and support other bloggers with mental illnesses.

  2. I totally love your “visual comparison” of both of the days…a truly dramatic difference indeed! :-)

    I’m feeling pretty damn good myself today, but incredibly busy: I’m tied to my office with too many deadlines and too little time to get them accomplished, or so it seems (we shall see what comes to pass).

    Back at ya later!

  3. Babs, thank you for your visit, and for the well-wishes! Unipolar, bipolar, nonpolar, all are welcome here :-)

    K, I’m glad you’re feeling well! The visual comparisons are actually part of a personal project of mine, that I plan to post about within the next week … it’s odd, usually I’m very word-oriented, yet lately I’m falling back more on graphic descriptions.

    Babs, if you can imagine your entire mind just purring like a fuzzy, contented cat, that’s about how I felt yesterday. I wasn’t euphoric, I wasn’t ambitious – kind of a like a cat, content just to lie in the sun and be.

  4. huhn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2bLbf4kBFE

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