June 7, 2007

Well how this day has ridden the tail of yesterday has already been interesting for me. While yesterday morning seemed to go pretty well, the rest of the day sort of spiraled on me. I wound up missing my bedtime by a few hours. Well, the aftermath results for me are that I actually got up earlier today than I have since starting the bedtime routine (I was averaging wake-up times around 09:30, after going to bed at 22:30) – after going to bed at around 01:30 this morning, I got up at 06:00! I can also say that, while my head’s feeling really fuzzy at the moment, I slept better for those few hours this morning than I’ve slept all week. This reminds me of when I used to burn myself out in the past so I could sleep … basically go a couple days without sleep so when I would finally drop, I’d drop hard and actually sleep. The only difference is that I don’t feel quite as refreshed today as I ordinarily would. So far, my mood’s held – with luck, it’ll hold for the rest of the day :-)


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