Frankentree and Marian

June 15, 2007

Ever put together a 7-foot cat tree? As I was building the thing up today, I found myself growing more and more amazed with each level. I mean, when you read on eBay how tall it is (in my case, in centimeters, which I still haven’t really developed a feel for), it’s one thing – having the thing loom over you as you put it together is quite another. However, now that Frankentree is assembled, there are some really happy kitties (now they can take turns throwing each other off much higher perches than the single 3-foot perch we had on our old cat tree).

As for right now, I’m plugged back into my headphones yet again – this time it’s Sisters of Mercy I’m listening to. I’ve got “First and Last and Always” plugged into the CD-ROM drive, and am alternating between this and Sisters videos I’m finding on YouTube (yes, I’m still addicted). The album I’m listening to has one of my favorites from this band, called “Marian,” a favorite I don’t allow myself to listen to very often because it has a powerful effect on me; while YouTube has been kind enough to provide me with a shortened version of another favorite, “Temple of Love,” a video I didn’t even know existed until tonight (I didn’t get to watch a lot of Mtv when I was a kid)!



  1. SISTERS OF MERCY RULE!!!!!! My GOD, you and I are like peas in a pod when it comes to music. :-) I can send you some more of their music by email if you like (and if you have a suitable sized email account for receiving large attachments!).

  2. Cool, another Sisters fan! I think it’s interesting, that our music tastes are so similar. Let’s test that a bit further: Zombie? Rosetta Stone? LP? NIN? Johnny Cash? Metallica (pre-Napster bullshit)? Offspring? Rammstein? Hoyt Axton? Seven Nations? Garbage? Midnight Oil?

    Thank you for your generous offer, but I actually have quite a bit of their music on CD already, it was just music videos I was denied for so long :-) I’m looking forward to figuring out how much more our musical leanings have in common!

  3. Zombie, NIN (MASSIVELY…I got to meet Trent on the last tour, he’s amazing!), Johnny Cash, Metallica, Rammstein, Garbage, Midnight Oil! :-) I’ll have to test you on some of my other faves soon and see where we might have additional overlaps (I’m in the midst of work hell right now though, I’ll get back to this when I’m at home later). ;-)

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