Blogs I Read (et al)

This is basically my current reading list of blogs (and other sites) – as such, this list should be considered a <mostly> fluid one :-)

Bipolar Blogs:

ariadneK’s “Weird Cake”
Liz Spikol’s “The Trouble With Spikol”
Dream Writer’s “Coming Out Of The Dark”
ASHMC2’s “My Personal Bipolar Journey”
KansasSunflower’s “Bipolar and Me”
Bipolar Guy’s “BiPolar Etcetera”
Becky’s “Tidal Moods”
Gen’s “[i am gen]”

Other Blogs:

Kathryn’s “A Mindful Life”
LKD’s “Possum”

Other sites (non-blog):

Nikon’s “Universcale”for when I need a reminder of just how small my problems actually are

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