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Dim the lights, turn on the music and pour …

June 13, 2007

… a glass of soda pop. The music is AC / DC, blaring through my headphones since it’s just after one in the morning. This post won’t have anything to do with bipolar disorder, but rather with a couple tips for formatting comments in blogs (an earlier comment in here expressed some degree of difficulty with links) hosted by WordPress or Blogger. Since these services don’t offer buttons for making links, italics, etc, but do allow HTML tags in comment fields, the formatting is achieved through typing in the tags. I’m not an expert on this, but a few tricks I do know, and I won’t bore you with hours of HTML history or standards, either. Read the rest of this entry ?



June 7, 2007

BOTW Badge I’m honored to have been awarded Weird Cake’s “Blog of the Week” – thank you, K., for your vote of confidence and your compliments to this blog – and thank you for being this blog’s first (and thus far only) commenter!

I’ll take this as a sign that this blog is heading in the right direction :-)


Elemental Explanation

June 6, 2007

In the comments section to my post about the list of Do’s and Don’ts, I mentioned that I think a blogger’s link list is a way to get to know the blogger. At the very least, it should let someone know where the blogger’s perspectives are – in part – coming from. I think other elements of blogs exist for similar purposes, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to explain some of the elements in this blog :-) Read the rest of this entry ?



May 31, 2007

Well, I went through the trouble to set it up, made the fancy banner image and came up with new names – I guess what remains is to start writing ….

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (BD) a few months ago, and I thought it might be an interesting thing to start writing about how this impacts my life. I’ve tossed the idea around for a while, I’ve read some other pretty interesting blogs that are focused in the same direction, and have steadily grown to like the idea. This isn’t my first blog, but it will be my first experience blogging about something like this. I’d like to turn this into a daily routine (I’ve read recently that routines are good things for people with BD), and perhaps work a mood journal into this, along with passing along information and experiences.

For now, though, I just want to get the ‘first post’ out of the way – more will come over the next few days.