Paradox and this Blog

Your humble author was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a psychiatrist in February, 2007, after several years of unsuccessful therapies for major depression. After being diagnosed, I decided to educate myself as much as possible on the subject of bipolar disorder – this blog will hopefully explore what I have learned (and what I will doubtless learn in the future), and also chronicle how I deal with this disorder in my life.

While I will try to hold a moderate tone in here (most of the time), readers should be aware that I have a frank and sincere approach toward writing. This blog is meant as a personal blog about things that are, well, personal. If something is fucked up, I’ll call it as I see it – and if that bothers you, feel free to navigate yourself elsewhere. Part of the reason why I am blogging about this subject is to give healthy people some insight into what goes through the mind of someone who has BD … I won’t always be able to do that if I’m worried about language or subject matter.

If you need to reach me, send mail to: cerebral.discordia (at) yahoo.de

Other tidbits of information (perhaps it’s best to consider this list a work in progress):

Age: 30-something, a card-toting member of Generation X
Gender: male
Familial Status: married w/ cats
Education: two-year degree
Location: Northern Europe

Bipolar type: not yet known
Comorbid disorders: none diagnosed
Medications: 450mg lithium carbonate, medications for blood pressure and thyroid

Favorite Music: depends on mood
Favorite Book: Biography of a Grizzly, by E.T. Seton
Favorite Movie: “The 13th Warrior”

Interests (depending on mood): blogging, web design, researching, history (particularly European history from 500 BCE, to 1100 CE), philosophy, logic, theoretical physics, astronomy, religious and metaphysical cosmology, psychology, religion, spirituality, nature and wildlife, travel, walking, cycling, chess, hnefetafl, computer games, writing, reading, movies, music, environmentalism, sailing, weather, photography, art, poetry (particularly haiku and tanka styles), cooking, puzzles, labyrinths ….

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